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Chimneys don’t just need to be regularly swept but also need to remain in good physical condition to ensure the safety of your properties occupants as well as members of the public. A chimney or flue that is damaged will not work as efficiently as one in good working order, presenting you with a variety of consequences that could be hazardous to health. We take the maintenance of chimneys and fireplace seriously which is why we also offer repair services to all of our customers.

At Berkeley Contractors Ltd, we specialize in maintaining and installing all types of chimney repairs in London and the surrounding areas.


We usually find that the chimney liner present within chimneys and flues has cracked which can impair the quality of the air draft and increase the build-up of creosote and other harmful chemicals. If we find this to be the case, we can propose the installation of a new flue liner in London which will rectify the problem and ensure that your fireplace is safe again.

  • City & Guilds Master Bricklayer
  • Chimney inspection using CCTV if required
  • Chimney surveys and safety checks
  • Chimney stacks repointed, relaunched and rebuilt
  • Flexible and rigid chimney liners installed, replaced or removed

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